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Derma Ecolia Soothing Fluid Make-Up Remover



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Soothing Fluid Make-Up Remover
Soothing Fluid Make-Up Remover
of women having tried it noticed their skin regained its balance.*

As gentle as a lotion, as refreshing as a toner.

Developed from the most respectful active ingredients, this make-up remover gently eliminates impurities and make-up from sensitive skin and eyes. Combining the gentleness of a lotion with the freshness of a toner, there is no need to rinse when using this make-up remover. Active ingredient Derma Ecolia respects the skin, allowing it to regain its natural balance.
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*Perception study carried out on 25 women with daily application for 28 days.

make-up remover
The skin's natural balance is easily disrupted by the skin's natural shedding, the environment, and poorly-adapted cleansing.

L'actif Derma-Ecolia, a sugar that "nourishes" healthy skin flora, was chosen for its capacity to nourish and preserve the skin's microbiological balance. br />
For sensitive skin, we have selected extremely gentle cleansing agents while conserving make-up removal effectiveness.

Light, unscented texture.

Its pH is adapted to the pH of lachrymal fluid.
On application*:
- Make-up is removed perfectly 100%
- The make-up remover respects the eyes 100%
- The lotion does not sting the eyes 100%

After 3 weeks' use*:
- Skin regains its balance 100%
- Skin is more beautiful and radiant 100%

*Perception study carried out on 25 women with daily application for 28 days.
Directions for use
Use at night to remove make-up.

Apply to the face, eyes, and neck with the help of a cotton ball. Rinsing not required.
Our customers' opinions
Soothing Fluid Make-Up Remover

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