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Sculpting Blush Duo



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Sculpting Blush Duo
Sculpting Blush Duo
Sculpting Blush Duo
Sculpting Blush Duo
Rose Harmony
Beige Harmony
Rose Harmony
Beige Harmony

Sculpt your cheeks to enhance your radiance.

The blush duo that sculpts your cheeks in just one sweep! With its ultra-soft powder, its adjustable coverage, and little wonder of a brush, you’ll have glamorous cheeks in just one sweep of the brush! Find out more

recommended for women
-30 years
+70 years
Beauty Results
Two complementary shade duos sculpt your cheekbones by emphasising shadowing and lighting. For each duo, a slightly iridescent lighter shade captures the light, enhancing your cheeks, and a darker shade gives your cheeks natural colour, enhancing the look of your cheekbones. An innovative brush follows the contours of your cheeks perfectly. Made of two different brush lengths, it naturally adds definition to your cheeks.
Directions for use
- Beige Harmony, for medium to dark complexions.
- Rose Harmony, for light to medium complexions.

- The long bristles: the brush is more supple, in order to take less powder. Apply to the upper part of the cheekbone using the lighter shade of blush.
- The short bristles: the brush is more firm, in order to take more powder. Apply to the bottom part of the cheekbone using the darker shade of blush.
Our customers' opinions
Sculpting Blush Duo

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